Virtual Reality

Our models offer a simple way to visualize projects, enabling us to perform virtual tours. This is possible thanks to the standardization of the BIM methodology, which allows our models to be very realistic and show large and small details. Virtual reality modeling offers a very accurate picture of the soon-to-be building before construction starts. This stage of the project helps prevent possible errors, ensure design and construction efficiency, and coordinate the various elements of the project. Also, since this stage is prior to construction, it is possible to add or remove details from the design.

Interacting with the project through virtual reality can allow for the configuration of details, failure reduction, process simulation, and changes to the structure, design, and any other aspect that can enhance the project. This step seeks to obtain the best design possible before the building is constructed. Virtual Reality visualization helps achieve safe and well-constructed designs. If you require the services of a qualified architecture firm with experience in Building Information Modeling, call Modelo Integrado Studio at +56 2 2263 0841, or fill out our contact form.