About us

We are an architectural firm in the city of Santiago de Chile. Over our career, we have modeled, coordinated, and designed more than 1,000,000 m2, and we have participated in projects of great importance in the retail, hotel, education, residential, and health industries.

Our architectural firm is under the direction of Jorge Simpson, a well-known Chilean architect with 12 years of professional experience who has participated in important national and international projects. Simpson's professional career stands out due to the efficiency of his projects, the level of teamwork at Modelo Integrado Studio, and the standardization of a collaborative work methodology that allows him and his team to optimally use technological tools to develop projects and reduce mistakes in construction plans and documents.

At Modelo Integrado Studio, we stand out from other architectural firms by working with the BIM methodology (Building Information Modeling) from the creation of an idea, room study, design, coordination, construction until the work is finished. This allows us to make models with which we can work in 3D, 4D, 5D, and 6D, getting to know completely the work to obtain technical data from each one of the projects' parts. Our BIM platform is very significant, since it helps us during the study, design, planning, performance, and administration of the works stages.

The use of the BIM platform is essential for Modelo Integrado Studio, as it is a tool that facilitates the communication of multidisciplinary teams that carry out the project. In addition, it allows us to manage information with the purpose of getting updated documentation in a quick and organized way.

It is very important for us to work with BIM technology in order to offer our customers the best architectural technology and consultancy when it comes to developing a project. If you want more information, you can fill out our contact form, visit our office, or give us a call at +56 2 2263 0841.